Little Gem Cycle Park


Upcoming Events:

May 12, 2018

Gem Grit Grinder

The Gem Grit Grinder bicycle race will take place May 12, 2018.  Races start at 9am and will finish around 2pm.  The short course will be 24 miles out and back along Sand Hollow Road and the long course will be two laps of the same course for a total of 48 miles.  All proceeds are donated to the Emmett Valley Friendship Coalition.  Please see details. 


Rules for Events

What you must do to hold an event:

Contact us at least one month prior to your event to schedule - 208-365-4611.

All events must be scheduled to take place prior to the cattle being turned into the park which typically happens by April 20th (and is typically every other year – 2016, 2018, 2020 etc.)

You will need to get a liability insurance certificate for a minimum of one-million dollars from your insurer.

If you will also need to utilize BLM land, they will need to be contacted as well.